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Blue Printz Creationz Printed Coffee Mugs, Custom T Shirts & Giftware

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We've launched!

I have always been a creative person- drawing, painting, sewing (you name it),

and have sold my wares at craft fairs and on Etsy for over 20 years.

I just gotta say, “Life Happens”, and you just roll with the changes. Two years ago, Hubby lost his job and then the Pandemic made it difficult to find another. Craft Fairs were also difficult with the Pandemic. Although he was always there to set up and help sell, it was mostly my thing. We slowly relied more and more on selling through places like Facebook Marketplace. Then, he decided to retire.

As a former Communications Tech, he started dabbling in Photoshop to keep himself busy…. And then it clicked! – why not combine my love of painting and design savvy with his technical savvy? We invested in some equipment and started our Home-based studio, Blue Printz Creationz (formerly Pickle Lily Design) and are loving it! We design and produce personalized printed wares such as cups, mugs and t-shirts, and ship our designs ourselves. We are a one stop shop.

Hubby was looking for something to do in retirement and Ha! He’s been keeping busier than ever!

We invite you to check out our products and leave a comment. We are continually striving to update and delight our customers with new products.

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